Dance India Dance-Li'L Master audition begins

7 years ago

Little children will get a chance to showcase their dancing prowess as Dance India Dance- Li?l Masters, the reality show of premier Hindi entertainment channel Zee TV, launched its edition in the 'city of joy' today.

"If there are 1,000 contestants, between the age limit of 5 to 13 years, say over 200 may move to the second round and the bar will be raised subsequently for the following rounds till narrowed down to three, Jai Kumar Nair, finalist of Dance India Dance season I and mentor of DID Li'l masters season one, told PTI.

"We need the best people for every team and the screening will go on," Nair said.

Nair, who was roped in by the Zee authorities for the press meet on the city audition leg, said "with Bengal boasting off an aesthetically rich cultural heritage, I presume there would be lots of talents in the reality show from this part of the country."

"We are merging both eastern and western forms to devise the unique dance statement, very Indian, very elegant, very lively and very contemporary," he said.

"Dance forms are evolving today embracing different types and we can see children more adaptive to the various changes. I have seen even five-six year olds making instinctive steps to different beats - hiphop, rock or likewise - without much prodding and if tapped and nurtured with care, they can blossom as good dancers in later life," Nair said.

To the views in some quarters that children making to the top of reality shows may be lost in longer run, Nair said "those who have real talent will sure make it big with consistent hard work and patience."

"Remember Jeetumoni, the first season winner, who secured the ultimate golden super wings crown as the best dancer and went on showcasing his skill globally," he reminded.

A Zee spokesperson said "the audition venue will be made as much child-friendly as possible. While the little ones wait for their turn to audition, they can relax by playing games and participating in fun activities."

Before Kolkata, auditions for the dance show were held in Patna,Guwahati, Jaipur and Vadodara. PTI

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