Deepika faints after working for 30 hours at a stretch

5 years ago

ENI Bureau   New Delhi: Deepika Padukone, who proved her mettle in 2013 by giving five back-to-back hits, is one of the most hard working actresses of B-Town. But hectic work schedules and tight deadlines have even taken a toll on Dippy's health.

  According to reports, Leela apparently fainted after working for 30 hours at a stretch, which resulted in rescheduling of her work commitments.

  “Last week, Deepika worked for 30 hours straight. After shooting for Farah’s film for 16 odd hours, she rushed to a dance performance she had at an award function,” said a source.

  The source added, “She was working till late on Friday (February 14) when she almost fainted. After resting for a bit, when she woke up, she had a high fever and was feeling extremely weak.”

  Dippy's doctor, who did a check up on her the next day, has advised her complete bed rest for few days.   “Deepika had a hectic weekend ahead with a magazine shoot and a brand commitment scheduled, but because she was so weak, she had no option but to stay home and rest. She doesn't want to jeopardise any more work, which is why she is concentrating on recuperating soon,” said a source.

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