Desert shooting for Bengali movie for first time

7 years ago

A Bengali film e will be shot in the deserts of Arabia for the first time, signaling the increasing preference for foreign locations by movie producers from the region.



The sequel of a blockbuster potboiler "Paglu" would be largely shot in the deserts of the UAE, the film's main lead and popular Bengali film actor Deb said. "Paglu 2 will have a substantial part of outdoor shoots in the UAE where there are golden sands as well as Dubai," Deb said.



"This is for the first time a Bengali film is being shot in the deserts of those parts, marking a new phase in the history of our movies, which are increasingly being shot overseas," Deb said.



Deb, whose first film as a hero was "I Love You" in 2007, said the desert part of the shooting may consist of scenes of fights while some of the dance sequences will be filmed in Europe. Deb, one of the most popular Bengali film actors in Tollywood with a string of hits under his belt like "Poran Jaye Jolia Re" and "Challenge", said mass entertainers should  be encouraged side by side with off beat films.



"You have to consider both segments; there is a huge number of fans lapping up every turn and twist in a popular entertainer and then those rooting for off-beat themes and off-beat cinematic treatment," he said. He said both genres were doing well and the box office success of these type of films indicated good health of the Bengali movies. PTI

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