Desi Boy backs Mahi

7 years ago

The captain of Indain Cricket Mahendra Singh Dhoni is going through a bad phase, as he is under the team’s dismal performance during their recent tour of Australia.

But with that the fans are also disappointed but is backed by his close frieng Jojn Abraham.


John doesn’t neglect the fact about his time, when it was in a bad shape, but Mahi supported him with smile. And today he is going in a bad phase too,but will recover it soon. 


The Actor boosts up with the surety of Mahi’s comeback in the coming series followed by the Agneepath series of  Australia.


John is even amused of the support which Australia gains from their media but not our team.


By far Abraham declares one of the best captians India ever had and compares the bad phase ofMahi with his.


The Actor also cites Mahi’s retirement form Test cricket in 2013 and states it to be right from Mahi’s point of view.


On Monday the Khiladi Kumar did came in support of Mahi, and today its John Abrahim.. It seems the “Desi Boy” boys are  backing their Cricket hero.

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