Didn't want to be typecast: Kainaz

7 years ago

Kainaz Motivala, who shot to fame with the horror-thriller "Ragini MMS", says the film has given her a bold image which she is consciously trying to shed.


The 25-year-old actress said she was offered similar roles after "Ragini" but she refused them to prevent herself from being typecast.

"After I did 'Ragini', I was tagged a bold actress and was offered similar roles. But I refused them as I didn't want to be typecast as a bold actress. I was looking to do something different from Ragini. The fun of being an actress lies in doing something new everyday," Kainaz told PTI.


"Ragini MMS" had a few intimate scenes as well."The film helped me graduate to being a lead actress after playing supporting roles," said Kainaz, who has played bit parts in "Paathshala" and "Wake Up Sid".


It was the desire to do something new that made Kainaz take up the role of a female chauffeur in her recently-released film "Challo Driver". The film, produced and directed by debutante Vickrant Mahajan, shows Kainaz as a strong-willed, well educated girl who is confused about her profession.


"My character is very impulsive and always looking for excitement. Her friend strikes a bet with her that if she wants something different, she should try and become a driver. "She takes up the job of a man's chauffeur without realising he is a strict and difficult employer. What happens between the two, how people react to a female chauffeur especially in a city like Delhi, that is the story," she said.


The film, which also stars Prem Chopra and Manoj Pahwa, was shot entirely in Delhi and Kaniaz says it was a strange experience as people on the roads would be surprised to see a female driver at the wheel.


"It was weird because people would peer into the car, while we were shooting on the road, to see a female dressed as a chauffer at the driving seat. It was funny. But while driving around the city I found Delhi roads are much better than Mumbai," she said. PTI

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