Director Somnath Sen making 'Gora' for TV

7 years ago

Director Somnath Sen is filming Rabindranath Tagore's 'Gora' for the small screen with more emphasis on female characters like Harimohini and Sucharita.


Bengali actor Pallavi Chatterjee, who plays Harimohini in the show, says it was one of her toughest roles. "While I had read Gora earlier in Bengali, I read the main novel over and over again once Parthoda approached me to get a feel of the very character, who wears white, shuns non-veg and all luxuries of life and yet retains the insatiable desire to live life the way she wanted," Pallavi said.


Asked if there was change in the character, she said, "look, who can ever think about straying from the original in a Tagore work. No way, he has sought to keep to the main novel, but yes he has injected the spirit of independence, contemporariness in outlook, not in dress and focused on the spirit of straying beyond the perceived lines though keeping true to the family and society in Harimohini's character.


"I strongly identify with some of the women characters in the novel and feel for Harimoni as the poet speaks through the lines about women's emancipation," he said. PTI


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