Don's pal accompanying Sallu bhai

7 years ago

Well Shahrukh khan has proved himself as a Superhero and a better Don but haven't quiet well verified himself as a good pal.


The businessman cum Actor Sachin Joshi who was a companion of Shahrukh Khan has joined the Sohail Khan's Mumbai heroes Cricket team which is accompaniied by the Shahrukh's best rival,is none othe than, the Dabang Salman Khan.


Sachin was accompanied by Shahrukh Khan at IIFA awards this year venued at Toronto, walked together at the red carpet, introduced to various Bollywood Personalities and media persons designating to be the best Pal altogether.


Taking forward, Shahrukh was also present at the premier Movie "Anjaan" in Dubai which fell down badly at the Box Office.


Contrary to all this Sachin's closer with Bodyguard would surely be hurting the sentiments of the Don, as both these Khans have proved to be the best rival of the Bollywood.

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