Educated youth need to take charge: John

7 years ago

Bollywood actor John Abraham says illiterate politicians must be rooted out of the system and there is a need for educated younger ones to take charge.


"We all must remove all our Illiterate politicians, those who don't know anything... and just stand and shout (Jitney humare unpadh politicians hai unko hathaye ..jinko kuch nahi aata life mein unko hathaye.. Sirf kadhe rehte hai aur chilate hai) as we have more younger and educated population out there," John told reporters here on the sidelines of the 'Shiksha' educational initiative, which aims at 100 per cent literacy.

"We are tired of seeing them.. They come after every term and despite being old they still continue and don't move out. We need more younger people who can make more conscious and better decisions today.Youth must study and make their parents proud and make India a better country," he added.


The 38-year-old actor is the brand ambassador of Shiksha initiative and hopes that education reaches interior areas.


"Education is very important and these children are blessed to get it as there are few kids who do not get this opportunity to study. Like in villages... in the interiors, in naxal areas there is no education... if it reaches there then India can become a beautiful place," John said.

"Besides metros there are other smaller and rural areas also where education must reach," he added. PTI 

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