Elizabeth Olsen wants to work with Robert Downey Jr

6 years ago

Silent House star Elizabeth Olsen has revealed that she would do anything to work with Robert Downey Jr.


The 24-year-old actress praised Iron Man star Downey Jr as 'talented' and 'smart', reported Digital Spy.


"I would do anything with him. If he was part of a project and I could be in any scene with him, I would do it hands down," Elizabeth said.


"He's so talented. And so smart. You just don't have that kind of humour unless you're smart."


The actress, who will next appear on screen in Kill Your Darlings, also revealed that Michelle Pfeiffer is her female role model.


"Best Catwoman ever. Also, she is able to exude sexuality without being written off as dumb. You look at her and think she's sexy, but she's not sexy and stupid, she's sexy and owns it because she's smarter than everybody else in the room," Elizabeth said.


The 24-year-old has also worked on the remake of Spike Lee's Oldboy, which also stars Josh Brolin.


"This film is very different to the original. We made it our own thing, and the ending is one that western audiences will enjoy," she said.


Oldboy will be released on November 27 in the US and on December 6 in the UK.






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