'Emotion missing between marquee and audience'

7 years ago


Thespian Dilip Kumar feels that contemporary cinema and its audience do not enjoy the emotional connect that was essential feature of the bygone era. "Today's cinema and its audience don't have the kind of emotional give-and-take that the cinema of the Fifties had. The basic reason for that was because cinema was the only source of entertainment those days and, more often than not, its content was taken seriously by serious viewers," Dilip Kumar said.


The veteran actor, who was supposed to attend the book launch of "The Dialogue of Devdas", penned by Nasreen Munni Kabir on Wednesday, could not do so because of his health. Actor Shahrukh Khan, who played Devdas in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's 2002 flick of the same name, read out the letter written by the thespian to the audience at the event.



Among many remarkable characters he played on screen, the thespian is credited for immortalising the incarnation of Devdas in the 1955 flick, based on the novel of Sharat Chandra Chattopadhyay. "I am speaking about this to emphasise the responsibility the director shouldered in our times when he chose to make a film that had deep emotional appeal for audience.



Dialogues of 'Devdas' are replete with a haunting sensitivity and spontaneity that came from the pen of Rajinder Singh Bedi, one of those rare writers whose syntax was so perfect that simple lines he wrote inspired actors to build up deep emotions in their rendering," the veteran actor said. "I appreciated the precision and brevity of the lines he wrote for 'Devdas'.



They were lines of profound meaning at times but they were so simply and sensitively worded that generations of viewers have found pleasure in repeating them lovingly," the 89-year-old actor said. (PTI)

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