Every film is a challenge, says Amitabh Bachchan

6 years ago

Filmmaker Prakash Jha is all set to release his political thriller Satyagraha starring Amitabh Bachchan on August 30. In an exclusive interview with E 24, Bachchan and Jha talked about their film, political scenario around the world and the changing face of society, with the duo maintaining Satyagraha is dedicated to India’s youth, “because to voice their protest they never shy away from protesting”. “Look at what happened at India Gate in December 2012. In spite of severe winter, people came on the street to protest,” Jha said.     Supporting Jha, Big B said, whenever there is protest, it is in order to create awareness. This is a kind of struggle for freedom, freedom to be heard. “This is only shown in the film,” Bachchan said.     Commenting about the political system in the country, looking hell-bent to twisting the truth, Big B said, truth has its own strength. “If you try and bring it out through right path, then it will get greater acceptance.”     Jha added, “Don’t forget, truth is the ultimate winner.”     Amitabh quoted his late father Harivanshrai Bachchan to bring home the point: “Satya ki aankho mein aankh dalne ke baad shant rehna aasan nahi hai (It is not easy to remain calm after staring into the eyes of the truth).”     After working for more than four decades, Big B said that there’s “no dream role left for him”. “I look at every film as a challenge and I trust my producers completely,” he added. When asked how difficult it is to speak truth in today’s time, Bachchan said, “It might seem that Satyagraha is inspired from Mahatama Gandhi’s freedom struggle, but it is actually a story of a father and a son – a father who has lost his son and a son who is searching his father. Satyagraha is the story about all that happens between them."     Jha dwelt at length on the current political situation across the world, including Egypt, Brazil, Bangladesh and India, where Anna Hazare had led the anti-corruption movement.     Explaining how a simple story of a father and son turns into a massive protest movement in the film Jha said, "Satyagraha shows how a simple urge of a son to have a father and vice versa involves the whole society and it turns into a big peaceful protest. It deals with what the two realise at the end of the film.”     Talking about his character, Bachchan said, "I play a retired principal. He teaches students at home. He is a moralist and doesn't agree with the thinking of today's generation. But a series of events leads to unity between thetwo generations against the system. And, when the system fails to listen to them, they start a protest.”     Big B, who keeps himself involved in social and moral issues of the country through social media platforms, said that if he ever has to do satyagraha, “it will be for the nation” and for anything that benefits the society.     Asked what forced him to change his style of cinema Jha said, "Due to the changing scenario and commercialisation of films, I changed my style of working. I experimented for the first time with Mrityudand and after getting some success, I followed that path. And, I'm glad that big stars believe in my story and my work and are ready to work with me."     Sharing his future plans Jha said, "I have planned another film after Satyagraha, which will be based on real politics.”     Satyagraha also stars Ajay Devgn, Kareena Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpai and Amrita Rao.

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