Fans line up to greet Amitabh

7 years ago

Bollywood megastar Amitabh Bachchan has said that he was left wondering by seeing heavy rush of fans at a shooting location in Junagadh yesterday reminding him of his golden days.


"The streets lined with the happy faces of fans and well-wishers. It seems like the good old days of the mid 70s and the 90s and then some more. But to have them at the age of 70 seems a little out of place. I wonder at times what they think and why they push themselves, come out in such large numbers and cheer and scream," Bachchan said while sharing his experience of shooting at the historic places in Junagadhwrote in his blog.

Bachchan who is a brand ambassador for Gujarat Tourism Corporation is here for the shoot of a tourism commercial "Khushbu Gujarat Ki" and touring different places. "The caves where we shoot are 3rd and 4th century, carved out of a single rock of mountain into rooms and drainages and storage for water compartments, stairs leading to other compartments below and generous sized rooms or areas with closeted walls. I wonder what went on in here in those times," Bachchan said.

"They say that they were Buddhist caves where meditation and peaceful existence of the Buddhist teaching were taught. Some reading that I was doing stated that Buddhism existed even before Hinduism but that would be debatable," he added.

Meanwhile Bachchan's shooting at Khambhalida caves in Rajkot district today was held up because of protests from locals.

Local leaders said that they should have been taken into confidence about the shooting and should have been invited for shooting as they have been taking care of the caves for long. A local leader Vikramsinh Jadeja said the locals havebeen neglected and they would create hurdles by releasing their cattles in the area where shooting is planned. PTI

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