Fisherman wants FIR against Sallu

6 years ago
Mumbai: Not just Salman, even his bodyguards have a tendency of acting like a Dabangg. A bunch of Sallu Bhai’s security team members allegedly threatened a fisherman's family at suburban Bandra, asking them to shift their boats and fishing nets which were blocking the sea view from Salman's cottage.
The fisherman’s family has now demanded filing an FIR against the actor. Earlier, three complaints were made at the Bandra police station in September 2011 and in May and December last year, but instead of registering FIRs against the bodyguards and the actor, the police registered only non-cognisable offences, 65-year-old Lawrence Falcon (the victim) said.
Salman Khan had bought two cottages “Belle View” and “Benar” at Bandra's Chimbai area in 2011 and had barricades put up around them. The fisherman's family members, who park their boats and put up fishing nets on the beach, alleged that Khan's bodyguards started harassing them soon after he bought the property.
In a written complaint to Additional Police Commissioner Vishwas Nangre Patil's office, Falcon and his family claimed that the bodyguards asked them not to park their four boats or keep fishing nets on the beach as that would block the sea view from the star's cottages.
Falcon also alleged that the plastic sheets used to cover their boats began disappearing. He claimed one of the family members was assaulted by Khan's bodyguards.
Anil Joseph, chairperson of Perry Road Residents Association, which is helping the family, said, "On Saturday, we met Nangre Patil and today we gave the complaint in writing, demanding an FIR against the actor, his father and hisbodyguards. A copy of the complaint is at the office of Nangre Patil".
Well, Sallu, it’s high time you asked your bodyguards not to behave like you!

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