'Four-some': Laugh riots exploring romantic dilemmas

6 years ago
Actor Divya Palat's experimentation on presenting humour as a primary element of theatre gave birth to a set of four short comedies that deal with hilarious situations in contemporary relationships. 
"Four-some" is four laugh riots exploring people facing different romantic dilemmas and the most unusual of situations - from a dad having a talk on birds and bees with his only daughter to a couple taking premarital counselling, each play is unique, contemporary and of course, funny.
Titled "Superstar", the first play is where a deluded actor meets a girl who aspires to be an actress and pretends to be someone superior to her. "Like a Virgin" deals with a studious boy trying to woo the girl of his dreams while "The Bleep Talk" is about a father who tries to educate his 21- year-old daughter about sexuality. The last play "The Marriage Counselor" shows a young couple trying to fix a broken relationship.
"I would like to write plays that my audience will be able to relate to and take the humour associated with it readily," said Divya after her rib-tickling comedy was premiered here recently. (PTI)

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