Freida Pinto takes up mime art over lines

7 years ago

By : Hina Fatima Khan


Slumdog Millionaire actress Frieda Pinto is to hit the film industry by getting mime over lines.She takes courage in choosing a different style of acting that is not through dialogues or any vocalization but just use of gestures.


In mime,the gesticulation,the way one communicates through signs and symbols sounds a different genre of its kind.After the success of Slumdog,Frieda was not able to get her into some other flicks,may be due to her specific looks.


 The 27 year old lass reveals that she soon will be seen in a very challenging film (top secret project) for which she has to learn the body language rather than word script.


Frieda has got two independent movi projects on which she is currently working at, for which she has been prepping up since December. So we wish Frieda all the very best for her this new endeavor.


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