'Gangaajal 2' about society-police relationship: Prakash Jha

4 years ago

New Delhi:Director Prakash Jha is revisiting 2003 hit 'Gangaajal' in an upcoming sequel, which he says, is a real-life inspired story and will explore the relationship between society and police.    'Gangaajal 2' is about a female cop, who takes on some powerful and influential men in her district. Jha has started working on the film and hopes to release it later in the year.    "'Gangajal 2' is about today's dictum of society-police relationship. 'Gangaajal' was more from the heart. This one has all the bizarre things happening around us in reality. The film is not made on a big  scale and also has very less characters. It is a concentrated story," Jha, 62, told PTI.    When asked whether the film is inspired by the outcry surrounding the suspension of UP civil servant Durga Shakti Nagpal, Jha replied in negative but added that there is one such scene that he has taken from the case.    Nagpal was suspended for allegedly demolishing a mosque wall but opposition claimed that her work against illegal sand mining was responsible for her suspension.    "It is not inspired by Durga Shakti but I have taken an instance like the local leader apparently boasted to a crowd that he was responsible for her suspension. I will use that in the film. There are many such examples in the film," he said.    The director is not worried about controversies, which have constantly cropped up with every release of his.    "I am sure there will be controversies before the release of 'Gangajal 2'. That is the case with every film of mine. Unnecessary issues are made up and every time a case is filed against my film, I win it. So, I am ready for all that with 'Gangaajal 2' as well," he said.  PTI

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