Gap expanding between Abhi-Aish

7 years ago

Well it’s the happiest hour for the Bachchans with their six month old Baby B Aaradhya, but the little angel is becoming the reason for the difference between Papa Abhishek and Mummy Aishwariya.


Aishwariya is so busy enjoying her motherhood with Beti B that Abhishek feels himself ignored. Seeking her attention the situation is such that Junior Bachchan looks for another room to spend his night.


Abhishek claims after Aaradhaya’s arrival there is a big change in his daily routine, but is happy for this as he used play and change her diapers whenever wishes to.  

  Initially there were hindrances when Aaradhya used to cry in the midnight, considering this Aishwariya change her room with baby but now is has come into habit.

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