Glad Ayushmann not over-the-top romantic: wife Tahira

6 years ago

Mumbai: His romantic number Paani da rang may be high on romance and fetched Ayushmann Khurrana a lot of awards, but his wife Tahira says that in real life he is not a very expressive and romantic person.


"Beyond the screen he is a real person. I don't think anyone sings for a girl like this in real life. So he is a very real person and I am in love with the real Ayushmann. I am happy he is not over-the-top romantic," Tahira said here at the launch of Ayushmann's single O Heeriye.


Ayushmann and Tahira are childhood lovers and they have know each other since he was 16. She says Ayushmann hasn't composed any special song for her yet.


"He has not composed any song for me yet. I am still waiting for the song that he composes specially for me, but otherwise he has sung a lot of songs for me," Tahira said.

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