Have explored my sensual side in 'Murder 3': Aditi Rao Hydari

6 years ago

'London, Paris, New York' actress Aditi Rao Hydari says she has explored her sensual side in upcoming movie 'Murder 3', starring Randeep Hooda in the lead.    

"I can be sweet looking innocent girl but I may have a sensual side to me which I would love to explore. And I have done that in 'Murder 3'. That is what actors are meant for. They just need to bring out things and do it effortlessly with fun," Aditi told PTI.    

'Murder 3' is the third film in the franchise and previously had Emraan Hashmi in lead role.    

"I hope the film is a superhit. I hope 'Murder 3' does lot of good things for me so that I get lot of good projects and work with brilliant directors and great actors. And that is what I am wishing," Aditi said.    

The 34-year-old also said post this movie she does not want to be tagged as a "bold" actress.    

"I think everybody has his or her own journey and tags. I think there is much more to me than just being bold.


And I hope people will see that. I think boldness is not the only thing in my personality but there is lot more. I don't want to be tagged as you get put in a slot box and you can't move away from it. I would feel claustrophobic and I don't like that", she added.    

Aditi said she was grateful to Bhatt camp for casting her in the successful franchise.    

"I am very grateful to Mukesh Bhatt, Vishesh Bhatt (director) and Mahesh Bhatt to consider me for this film. I had never imagined I would do 'Murder'. In fact when Mukeshji called me for a story narration I loved it and he asked if I would  do it. And right then I said yes."

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