Heidi Klum loves to cook with four kids

4 years ago

Los Angeles: Actress Heidi Klum says she likes to involve all four of her kids when she prepares meals at home.


The 'Project Runway host said it is important to know the culinary skills, reported Us magazine.


"(My kids) cook everything with me. They barbecue with me, they chop with me. The little one washes.


"Everyone has their part to do, because I think it's important they see how food is made, how a dish is made. A lot of younger people nowadays don't know how to cook. No one taught them. So I think it's important to teach that to them," she said.


Klum is also teaching her kids the importance of giving back.


"Whenever there are toys they don't want to play with anymore, or duplicates of a game they already have, I give the product away," she added. PTI

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