Here to entertain, not to compete: Kiku Sharda

5 years ago

New Delhi: Be it roly-poly constable Gulgule or pudgy Palak, Kiku Sharda has always managed to carve a niche for himself despite other talented comedians thriving on the small screen. The actor, whose motto is to entertain and not to compete, says his new show "Har Mushkil Ka Hal: Akbar-Birbal" will not only amuse people but would also educate them. “I work to entertain people and not to compete. I want my audience to laugh their heart out and that's the only important thing for me," Kiku told IANS over phone from Mumbai. "When I work, I really don't think of competition. I should be getting entertained myself also while entertaining others. If I am not amused by my work, then I cannot do it,” added the actor who played constable Gulgule in "FIR" to the hilt. His new show “Har Mushkil Ka Hal: Akbar-Birbal”, a folk tale that has been given a comical twist by the actor along with his co-stars Vishal Kotian, Delnaaz Irani and Kishwar Merchant, started April 20 on Big Magic channel. “Akbar and Birbal is an interesting legendary folk tale and I'm proud of the fact that I am playing Akbar. I have two sons, who are not much familiar with Indian folk tales. My show gives children a chance to laugh as well as get some knowledge about these tales,” he said. Currently, the small screen is inundated with comedians like Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and Bharti Singh, which makes the competition stiff, but Kiku is unperturbed because he feels comedy comes naturally to him and he loves his craft. “It's been god's grace that whatever I feel is weird and funny, my audience feels the same. I laugh at my scripts and so does my audience. For me, it's more important that I enjoy myself, and at the same time make the audience laugh. Who is doing what? Who is funnier? All that doesn't really matter to me because I don't take my work as competition. "There are times when I enjoy watching other shows too. Something, which is genuinely funny, is 'funny'. If there is someone who can do it better, then he should really go for it, because an actor's job is to entertain the audience.” He does get serious roles, but he just "enjoys doing comedy". "I have been offered a lot of serious roles, but I simply love comedy. I love having fun on the sets of my TV shows. Comedy is tough and making someone laugh is the toughest thing to do.” Kiku, who plays Palak on "Comedy Nights With Kapil", finds the show's host Kapil an “inspiration”. “I love comedy. I like to laugh and make others laugh with me too. Working with Kapil Sharma in “Comedy Nights With Kapil” has been magnificent for me. He is one of the most hardworking and talented person I have ever met. He is an inspiration,” said Kiku. IANS

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