'Heroine' not inspired by anyone's life: Bhandarkar

7 years ago

Director Madhur Bhandarkar, who is looking forward to the release of his ambitious project 'Heroine', says though the film is realistic, it is difficult to say whose life inspired it.


Kareena plays the role of superstar Mahi, who goes through various phases of an actress' life. "I am not saying it is not inspired by Bollywood or Hollywood. There is inspiration. But it is difficult to pinpoint one particular person," Bhandarkar told reporters here at the first look of the film here this evening.


"I did meet several people from the industry for this film...I interacted with them. I wanted to show today's film industry....the industry of 2012," he said.


"It is a fictitious film...it is not based on anyone as such. I am not portraying a role of anyone...I have not followed anyone for this role," Kareena said.


"The character in the film is edgy, bold, aggressive...I am not like that in the real life. If something like that happens with me, I am sure I will handle it properly," she said.


Bhandarkar had earlier signed up Aishwarya Rai-Bachchan, as Kareena had refused the role but later she came on board as Aishwarya pull-out from the film due to pregnancy.


Kareena said she had refused earlier only because her hands were full with other projects. PTI

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