Hollywood divas weight loss secret out

5 years ago

ENI Bureau New Delhi: Weight loss has never been an easy task. And if you have a resolution to reduce those extra pounds, then this article will definitely help you achieve your goal. We get you tried and tested weight loss methods of these Hollywood beauties who turned flab into fitness.

Kelly Osbourne: The 'Fashion Police' star followed some wacky methods to drop 70 pounds. According to reports, she opted for M-Plan under which, she replaced her lunch and dinner with mushroom dishes for two weeks, resulting in a loss of four to 10 pounds.   Miranda Lambert: The country crooner dropped a few pounds by controlling portions. She said she tried cutting everything in half. To stay fit on the road, Lambert now takes her trainer on tours with her. She does cardio, a lot of circuit training and more exercises.

Trisha Yearwood: The singer took Zumba classes at least three times a week to lose weight. She admitted that since her butt and waist reduced in size, she liked seeing that in the mirror. She also said she has designed her own diet chart that's low-fat, low-sugar 90 percent of the time.   Christina Aguilera: She took a break from ‘The Voice’ TV show as a judge. It certainly seemed to have helped as months later she displayed a great figure. It is said she tried new types of foods and explored new methods of exercise. Not for diet or weight, but more for her mind and well being and overall sense of good health. (With Agency Inputs)

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