How Salman Khan made it big at BO

5 years ago

Abhilasha Singh and Ritika Handoo


The blockbuster Khan of Bollywood aka Salman Khan has just successfully completed his 25 long years in the industry. His star power has of late turned him into money-spinner at the box office. However, it has been a roller-coaster ride for the actor so far. Dabangg Khan didn’t have a cakewalk as believed by many. The 47-year-old actor made his debut with Biwi Ho To Aisi in the year 1988. It was producer Suresh Bhagat who gave him his first break.



Bhagat revealed in his exclusive interview to E24 that J.K. Bihari, director of the movie, made it quite difficult for Salman during his initial days. “We always knew Salman would make it big one day. His fearless factor was quite evident even then,” he added.



Salman was given only Rs 11,000 as a signing amount for his first break. Interestingly, most of the clothes worn by the actor in the film were his own, recalls the producer. Despite being veteran script-writer Salim Khan’s son, the actor had his struggling days just like any other debutante making his foray in the film industry.



Salman’s father wanted him to prove himself and not rely on any kind of support from the family by using his ‘surname’, revealed a close friend. It is learnt that Salim Khan even had a long discussion with film director Bihari and quizzed him about his son’s acting skills.



It is hard to believe for his fans that the Khan, who is known as someone whose name spells success at the box office, was once scrutinized for his acting skills. Although Salman made his debut with Biwi Ho To Aisi, it is Maine Pyar kiya, which is believed to be his first big break in Bollywood.

Soon, with a string of successes, he made it big in the early 1990s. Soon after Shah Rukh Khan joined the party, the trio (including Aamir Khan) went on to create raves at the box offices. The Khan war that Bollywood is witnessing today actually started in the last millennium, though they were not averse to doing films together, eg. Karan Arjun and Andaz Apna Apna.



Among the all three, the Dabangg Khan has not only become a reigning star, but has also managed to rule the hearts of millions, with his boyish charm almost intact.


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