Hrithik seeks medical tips from fans

5 years ago

Mumbai: Actor Hrithik Roshan, who underwent brain surgery last year, is again suffering from "shin splints". The 40-year-old complained of pain in the lower part of the leg, that is from knee to ankle. Shin splints are common among runners and dancers. He took to Twitter seeking advice from his followers.

"Does anyone out there have a solution or cure for shin splints? Been battling it all my life. Maybe Twitter has the answer. Let me know," the actor, known for his dancing skills, tweeted Tuesday. He earlier shared with his Twitter followers that he danced for long hours for his upcoming film "Bang Bang" directed by Siddharth Raj Anand. "Enjoyed 12 hours of dance all night for 'Bang Bang’. One of the best songs of my life. Thank you Vishal-Shekhar, Bosco-Caesar and Sid for pushing my extreme,” tweeted Hrithik.  IANS  

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