Hugh Jackman bleeds onstage

4 years ago

Los Angeles:Actor Hugh Jackman accidentally injured his finger with a knife while cutting a lemon onstage and bled for an hour during a preview performance of his Broadway show “The River”. The 46-year-old's representative confirmed that he did injure himself Wednesday and the wound continued to bleed for an hour. In spite of this, Jackman finished his performance. The actor was later checked by medics but didn't need stitches, reports After the show, he signed autographs for his fans outside the theater. “Hugh managed to improvise so well that when he got offstage, someone asked him if he's going to do that every night, He replied: ‘Hopefully not, I've only got five fingers on each hand',” said a source. The “X-Men” star later posted a photo evidence of the mishap and his still healing wounds on Instagram captioning the shot cheekily, “Still got 'em all!” The show will officially open Nov 16. IANS

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