I am a nomad and collector of experiences: Lisa Ray

4 years ago

New Delhi: Lisa Ray has lived across various cities around the globe and the actress says it was the thirst for new experiences that did not make her inhabit in just one place.     The 42-year-old Indo-Canadian beauty, who recently announced her plan to return to India, says she is now ready to settle in the tinsel town as she feels both her life and the film industry have changed. "I am a nomad and collector of experiences by nature- so it was not natural for me to remain in one place when I was younger. Now, both life and the industry has changed. I see a lot of outstanding projects coming out of India and my plan has always been to come back - it was simply a question of timing," Lisa told PTI.     The 'Water' actress, who has been constantly commuting between Mumbai and Toronto, said the reason for her decision to shift base back to India was both personal and professional.     "I realised that I want to spend a lot more time in the city which has molded me. I have always left a piece of myself in India. I also love the stories that are being told out of Hindi film industry now.     "There's also the question of clarity in my life now- I know what I know and that applies to all areas of my life. For instance my friends are very important. So there are professional and personal reasons," said Lisa, who has already been signed on to star in a Kashmir-based film opposite Sanjay Suri.     The actress, who successfully battled cancer and calls herself a cancer graduate, said she would love to make a film to this subject in the near future.     "Yes of course. I would love to develop a story based on Cancer graduates, but told in a light hearted yet sensitive way. Isn't that the point of films? To take painful experiences and transform them by sharing them on screen?" Lisa said. PTI

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