"I am actress, not an eye candy"

7 years ago

Actress Tannishtha Chatterjee says she is happy not being a typical Bollywood actress masked by dollops of make-up and would rather have her work do the talking. The actress, who has starred in a number of international projects besides regional and Hindi films, says she is an actress, not an eye candy.



"Directors come to me when they want someone beyond a  pretty face. Make-up, lighting and glamour can make anyone look good but I feel acting is beyond looking good. Eye candy beauty can last for two minutes but not for the whole two hours of the film. What matters to me as an actress is performance and nothing else," Tannishtha told PTI.


Having starred in off-beat films like "Swaraj", "Road, Movie", "Brick Lane", "Shadows of Time", the the NSD graduate says she is happy to see the shift in Bollywood filmamking.



"The success of films like "Paan Singh Tomar", "Kahaani" and "Vicky Donor" shows that the urban audience today is very intelligent. They want to see good stories being told on screen. Even they don't want to see mindless films. Filmmakers are finally realising this," she says.



Tannishtha will be seen in a number of Bollywood films like "BMW" (Bombay's Most Wanted), "Monsoon Shootout", "Gour Hari Dastan", "Dekh Indian Circus" and "I Love NY" this year.



"These are very different from the mainstream films. They are short, quirky and have very strong story line. Every film has its own space. I have made an effort to stay away from roles that are repetitive," says the actress. "In 'BMW' I play a bar singer, in 'Monsoon Shootout' I play a gangster's wife, in 'I Love NY' I play a cool, chic Chicago girl. In "Dekh Indian Circus" I play a village woman. I feel lucky to have the opportunity to be these different characters."  PTI


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