I didn't create enough drama in Bigg Boss: Vida

7 years ago

Miss Afghanistan 2003 Vida Samadzai, who got evicted from the reality TV show Bigg Boss on Saturday, says that she got voted out of the house because she didn't pick up fights with everyone.



The model and actress, who had a comparatively peaceful stay in the house and didn't involve herself in gossips or fights, thinks that their is no place for a quiet person on the show as the public wants to see drama.



"I think I got evicted cause I didn't create enough drama to entertain the audience like the others did, and probably that's what the people want to watch in the show. I am not the kind of person who fights and abuses someone," Vida told PTI.



However, she says she enjoyed her stay in the house and  has learnt a lot. "My experience in the house was enriching... I learnt a lot and have become a more balanced person now. Although the fights in the house were emotionally draining it made me a stronger person," Vida said.



Ask her whom was she most uncomfortable with in the house she is quick in her reply, "Pooja Missra! She is not a nice person. She has problems with everyone in the house and picked up fight with everybody. I was fed up of her and just stayed away from her. She is simply doing all of this to stay in the show and for TRPs."



Vida, who is the seventh contestant to step out of Bigg Boss this season, also said she got along very well with Swami Agnivesh during his three day stay in the house. "I clicked with Swamiji instantly... We had so much to talk about and shared a lot of things. We exchanged good thoughts and feelings," she added.



The Colors TV show co-hosted by Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan is the Indian version of international reality show 'Celebrity Big Brother'. Vida also dismissed claims made by earlier evicted contestant Mandeep Bevli that the show is fake and scripted.


"That is not true at all... The show is not scripted and I wasn't told by anybody to behave like this, or pick up fights or act. I don't know about others but I wasn't told how to behave," she added. PTI

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