I took inspiration from 'Jab We Met': Neha Yadav

5 years ago

Allahabad: Actress Neha Yadav, who is making her television debut with new show 'Suhani Si Ek Ladki', said her role has shades of Geet (played by Kareena Kapoor) from the film 'Jab We Met'.


Yadav, 26, whose maiden film with Mukta Arts 'Love Express' in 2011 did not do well at the box office, said she was told to think about Kareena while performing her part.


"The brief given to me was that think about Basanti from 'Sholay' and Kareena Kapoor from 'Jab We Met' for my role. My character loves herself, she is her own favourite, like Geet was," Yadav said.


Star Plus' 'Suhani Si Ek Ladki' is a tale of love and friendship and traces the journey of three characters, Suhani, Soumya and Yuvraj.


Yadav plays Soumya, who is young, confident and speaks her mind.


"My character does not take nonsense from anyone. She cares for her happiness and if she believes in something, she goes for it," Yadav said.


The actress said transition from Bollywood to television did not hurt her much because it gave her a chance to do what she loves.


"I always wanted to be an actor. My first movie did not work, I was sad initially but success and failure are not in my hand, hence I moved on and gave auditions. I got this show and I can't be more happy," she said, adding that television is physically more challenging than films.


She does not feel playing a second fiddle in the show would result in less limelight on her because she is confident of her character.


"My role is not just that of Suhani's best friend. It has its own individuality and stands apart. In fact it is more real, there are shades of grey too, hence one can relate to my character more," she said. PTI

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