"I want to make a Rabindra Sangeet album"

7 years ago

Playback singer Kunal Ganjawala lamented that he would never be able to sing under musical geniuses like RD Burman, Salil Choudhury or SD Burman, saying he pined for the creative atmosphere of that era.

"Think about that golden age when Panchamda (RD Burman) and Salilda were in full flow, and it will remain my alltime regret not to have been able to sing to the tunes set by those greats," Ganjawala, who was in the city to attend the music launch of Bengali film 'Macho Mustafa', told PTI.

Along with Bollywood assignments, Ganjawala has also made quite a name for himself in Bengali playback singing. However, he said, he would not be satisfied with his Bengal experience till he cut a Rabindra Sangeet album. "I very much want to make a Rabindra Sangeet album. I have heard many of our Tagore song exponents and am struck by the rich imagery, the words and the tunes. I want to pay my tribute to the Bard."


He was, however, not sure if anybody would come forward to produce the album. Kunal, who had sung over 70 modern Bengali film numbers, said he had found the Bengali 'kalakars' very rich in intellectual content. "People of regions like Bengal, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Kerala are very culturally rich, boasting of rich traditions."

He said he knew Shantanu (Moitra) for years and would love to do more work with him. Talking about the current crop of Bengali singer-composers, he said, "I find Jeet Ganguly very receptive and talented. I catch Bengali telly programmes also. I can follow the language, but can't speak," he said. (PTI)

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