I was laughing while filming my first sex scene: Radcliffe

5 years ago

London: Actor Daniel Radcliffe found the sex scene with his male co-star Dane DeHaan in 'Kill Your Darlings' funny rather than nerve-racking.


The 24-year-old actor portrays writer Alan Ginsberg in upcoming biographical drama and it required him to film an intimate scene with DeHaan, reported Daily Express.


"With the sex scene, it was shot so quickly, we didn't have time to get nervous. You just had to dive in and go for it," he added. It was a battle to stop me from laughing a lot of the time, to be honest, just because it's that sort of nervous laughter," he said.


Radcliffe said that the poet's life represents a "counterculture" movement that does not exist today.


"Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg - they were all just sitting around the West Village writing and editing each other, and sharing their writing with a few friends, maybe 20 people were aware of the existence of it.


"Now, everything's given to exploding online in a way. It's impossible for anything to become counterculture, because in seconds it's absorbed into the culture. I think we're given now to fads more than movements," he added.


The film also stars Jack Huston, Elizabeth Olsen and Ben Foster, and was released on December 6. PTI

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