I wish I had done more films: Shahid

6 years ago

New Delhi: After completing a decade in Bollywood, actor Shahid Kapoor is happy with the way his career has shaped, but regrets not doing enough films in the past ten years.


The 32-year-old actor made his acting debut in 2003 with college drama Ishq Vishk and has so far starred in just 20 films.


Shahid feels he should have presented himself more often on the big screen to the audience, which in turn would have catapulted him to greater success.


"The one mistake that I made was I did very little work. I think that is not good. As an actor you need to go out there, show yourself to the audience twice or thrice a year, at least at this stage of my career," Shahid said in an interview.


"I am not 45. I am not at that stage where people have seen twenty years of my work. So I feel it is important to keep presenting yourself to the audience. I have learnt over ten years that films will come and go, but people must like you. And therefore your performances must be consistent," he added. PTI

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