"I won't restrict myself as an actor"

7 years ago

By Joginder Tuteja His recently released debut film "Ishaqzaade" has garnered a lot of praise and actor Arjun Kapoor says he wants to live up to everybody's expectations by experimenting with his roles.


The 26-year-old son of producer Boney Kapoor said, though he has not decided what project to pick up next, he doesn't want to stick to one genre and wants to explore himself as an actor. "I have never really thought about what I want to do and what I wish to avoid. I am open to everything and want to be seen as an actor who can do everything. I am not restricting myself to any characterisation and don't wish to get typecast. I would be happy to do a sweet rom-com or a hardcore 'masala' film," Arjun told PTI.


The actor also believes his big break in Bollywood has nothing to do with his father's name and talent is of utmost importance to survive in the industry "Just because you are a producer's son doesn't mean you would have an easy ride. These expectations come down to nothing when you don't deliver. Audience doesn't think like that. They are very sensible and intelligent and it doesn't matter to them whose son/daughter you are," he said.


"It doesn't matter whether you hail from the industry or not, you need to have that spark in you to be accepted by the audience. Even otherwise the industry doesn't segregate you based on the surname that you carry," Arjun added.


Bound by a contract with Yash Raj Films for three films, though he has the flexibility to work with others as well in the interim period, Arjun is still biding his time before confirming his next.


The actor also said he is an avid film watcher and is pretty clued-in to the trends in the industry. "After all I am a producer's son so no matter who is producing my film, I would be always conscious of the fact that no one should lose any money. I dream of doing all sorts of cinema while keeping in mind that every film of mine has to be commercially viable at least," he said. PTI


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