I won't take my shirt off in every film: Prithviraj

6 years ago

Actor Prithvira Sukumaran, who is being called the 'dark Salman Khan' for flaunting his six pack abs in his Bollywood debut 'Aiyyaa', says there is more to him than his body in the film.

Already a superstar down South, Prithviraj stars opposite Rani Mukerji in the film, releasing today.

"I understand that right now I am being discussed as this item boy, which I am completely enjoying but I will be immodest enough to say that as an actor I am beyond six pack abs, my body is not my USP.

"And the physical transformation I have gone through for 'Aiyyaa', I have done for other films as well so it is not new for me. That's not who I am as an actor, which people will discover. I don't take my shirt off in every film I do," Prithviraj told PTI in an interview.

The 29-year-old will be seen opposite Rani in the movie, directed by Sachin Kandalkar and produced by Anurag Kashyap.

Prithviraj says doing a Hindi movie has given him a different sort of high as he gets to make a debut despite having an experience of 80 odd films down South.

"After a long time I will be appearing in a movie with a clean slate. For most people watching 'Aiyyaa', what I am down South or what I have achieved does not matter. They are going to look at me as an actor, who they will see for the first time.

"And this is a big high for me. Making a debut after having an experience of 80 films over 12 years that is a very nice place to be as an actor," he said.

Prithviraj says he never planned to come to Bollywood but is happy to enter the industry at a point when there is more space for new actors.

"It was not like I was designing my career. I wasn't looking for work. But Bollywood is the biggest arena that cinema can offer in India right now and as an actor that's where you want to be. You want your work to be seen by maximum number of people. It is a great feeling to know that you are finally getting a shot on the big stage," he said.

The actor has already begun shooting for his second Hindi film titled "Aurangzeb", which is being produced by Yash Raj and directed by a debutante Atul Sabarwal.

He also says it was his wife's dream that he try his hands in Bollywood.

"My wife is a journalist and she is the only person who does not work in movies in my family. She is very excited about my Bollywood debut because she believes as an actor I deserve a bigger stage and she dreams insanely big for me and I am really happy that her wishes are finaly coming true." PTI

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