I would love to do a Delhi Belly: Aditya

6 years ago

Mumbai: He has his family to fall back upon during any crisis, but otherwise Aditya Roy Kapoor would like to make it big in filmdom on his own. The actor says he and his two brothers may think about working together in a movie.


Aditya’s elder brother Siddharth Roy Kapoor is the managing director of Studios, Disney UTV, while his second brother is actor-director Kunal whose work really impresses him.


"I don’t know about a sense of security as we have made a conscious decision to stay away from each other’s career because then things get muddled. I know the day I would really need help, my brother will be there. But till then I would do it on my own," said Aditya.


The three-film-old actor is in awe of Kunal, who directed The President Is Coming in 2009 and acted in films like Delhi Belly and Nautanki Saala!.


"Kunal is brilliant. I am in awe of him since I was small. He has been in theatre and he is completely transformed person on the stage. I would love to do a film like him. I would love to do a Delhi Belly ... even Nautanki Saala! looks fun," he said.


Talking about his sister-in-law, actress Vidya Balan who tied the knot with Siddharth last year, he said the Kahaani actress is an inspiration for him.


"I loved her in Kahaani. I guess she was fearless. She played a pregnant woman throughout the film. She has carved her own niche in the industry ... She has a lot to say. She has been in the industry in her own way and achieved so much," he said.


As his family is involved in the filmmaking business, he does take professional advice from them, but the final call is his.


"I do take advice from them on stuff," he said. (IANS)

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