"I would love to work with Madhavan again"

7 years ago

Actress Bipasha Basu is annoyed with reports that she will not work with her "Jodi Breakers" co-star R Madhavan again as the film failed to make money at the box office.

The rom-com which saw the duo paired on the big-screen for the first time failed to impress the audience. "I detest vicious [email protected] is one of my most fav costars n I would love to wrk with him on a Film which v both like n suit!

"Power of writing should not be misused to that extent to create gossip which makes ppl sound shallow n nasty!Even if its a Tabloid news! (sic)," Bipasha wrote on micro blogging site Twitter.

Madhavan gave a consoling response to Bipasha saying, "Heyy.. Of course we will. Don't worry abt what these losers say. When has it ever mattered.. Yenjooy..have a wonderful day (sic)."

But the 33-year-old, who has been all praises for the actor since the film's promotion, wasn't in a mood to calm down.

"Equations go Bad bcoz of these insensitive gossip diggers!As if Bashing ppl is nt enough Now Malign them too!Sad state!(sic)," Bipasha added.

To which Madhavan said, "Our equation is clear. Will take a lot more than this poor scribes attempt to make their bread n butter to effect us yaar."

"Yes we bth knw tht!Just want ppl who like us to also know who we really are and not be alarmed with all this crap! Hugs!See ya soon," Bipasha replied. PTI


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