IIFA not going to Vancouver in 2013

6 years ago

The International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) has confirmed that they are not holding their three-day film extravaganza in Vancouver this year.

Vancouver was rejected as a venue for 2013 and IIFA will be announcing the new dates and venue for this years award function soon.

Recently, IIFA received a copious number of emails and enquiries from fans in Canada and around the world for tickets to the awards.

But Wizcraft International, organisers of the event, confirmed that the city is out of the running for June 2013.

The bidding process for the awards is currently on with a number of countries from the Middle East, South America, Europe and Africa vying for the biggest extravaganza of Indian Cinema to come to their city.

In 2011, IIFA successfully forayed into North America, marking its premiere in Canada, in the city of Toronto.

"We are truly excited about the bids we have received from various countries. The decision is subject to many contributing factors that are required of a host destination in terms of support-initiatives for Hindi cinema production, funding and distribution; event-funding, support, facilitation, and infrastructure.

"We are committed to the film Industry and hosting an IIFA in any destination must meet the larger interests of Indian Cinema and a spectacular-staging of the annual celebration," said Sabbas Joseph, Director, IIFA and Wizcraft International.

A number of destinations have played host to IIFA in the past including London, Yorkshire, Johannesburg, Dubai, Amsterdam, Singapore, Bangkok, Colombo and Macau. PTI

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