India gave important weapon of ahimsa to mankind: Big B

5 years ago

Mumbai: Wishing his 'extended family' on social media a "Happy Independence Day", megastar Amitabh Bachchan Friday said the country is on the "threshold of great success" and that it gave mankind the vital weapon of ahimsa or non-violence. The Big B took to his blog to share his thoughts on the day. He wrote: "Hundreds and thousands fought for this Independence dying for the nation was a noble act sacrifices of immense proportions were the call of the hour and the entire country followed what was prescribed and what not was not. "Deprived of our independence for over a thousand years, including the Moghul and British periods, we are a new country just 67 years old! But our strengths and achievements have surprised all and shall continue to do so. "We are on the threshold of great success and great forward movement, and we shall achieve this pinnacle of success a resilient nation, a humble nation, a nation that gave the most important weapon to mankind ahimsa! We shall win (sic)." IANS

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