Indians think from the heart: Ashton Kutcher

6 years ago

Los Angeles: Hollywood actor Ashton Kutcher, who shot parts of his latest movie JOBS in India, believes the country's people think from their hearts over their minds. This, he says, made his experience of shooting in India worthwhile.



Kutcher shot in India - in Old Delhi and the Jama Masjid area last year. The actor says it was important to incorporate Indian culture in the movie.


"We see the way people live and you start to feel that people are living based on their instincts. They kind of think more from their heart than their mind and I think that was an important capacity to get and incorporate in the film and it was beautiful," Kutcher said in a statement.


"We went all over the place. We went to Old Delhi and travelled around shooting sort of pieces here and there. So it was great," he added.


Kutcher plays the role of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the biopic. The movie released in India Aug 23.




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