Indraneil Sengupta to star in "Doshomi"

7 years ago

The climax of "Kahaani" unfolded on a Doshomi (Durga idol immersion) day ending in the death of Milind Dhamji played by Indraneil Sengupta, but the actor's tryst with Doshomi has not ended with that.



Sengupta, 37, is reinventing himself in Bengali film "Doshomi" which revolves around five days of Durga Puja festivity and the equation between a boy, who owns a cyber cafe, and a girl, who is his childhood friend having returned from the US to soak in the autumn festival.



Flooded with congratulatory messages for his portrayal of Arnob Bagchi and Milind Dhamji in "Kahaani", Indraneil said," I am happy with the massive audience response." "For me 'Doshomi', named after the last day of the Durga Puja, is more than a film; it makes me feel connected to the festivities in Kolkata, that too in traditional north Kolkata," added the actor, who has not got the opportunity yet to be the part of the festival in Kolkata. He shares the scrren space with Koel Mallick, daughter of prominent actor Ranjit Mallick. PTI

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