Irrfan Khan speaks about his role in 'The Amazing Spiderman'

7 years ago
Actor Irrfan Khan, who will be seen playing the role of 'Dr Ratha' in the Hollywood movie 'The Amazing Spiderman', said he does not have a big role in the movie. Directed by Marc Webb, 'The Amazing Spiderman' features Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Irrfan Khan among others.
"I don't brag about my role and the film because I hate bragging. I think sometimes people have this attitude that bragging brings something to them. I don't want to achieve anything from bragging," Irrfan told reporters.
He admitted he believes in getting publicity for a film. "I do believe in publicity for the film, where I feel it is necessary. Where I feel the movie makers need me, I go and do it," Irrfan said. However, he said he would like to be in a situation where he doesn't have to do publicity.
"It should be like I do a film and people would understand there is something," he said. 
Irrfan said he does not have a big role in the film. "I don't have much role in the film. I don't have a lengthy role. I did it because it was an experience for me. For me, my presence is there and I enjoyed it," he said. The film releases in India on June 29. PTI 

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