Is Kareena kapoor in two minds to marry Saif ?

7 years ago

Bebo at an event promoting a brand of laptops was quizzed about her wedding outfit, to which she bluntly replied, "your question doesn't interest me".




Kareena Kapoor who is known for her straight forward attitude in the B-town is now shy to declare her wedding date publicly.Well, Saif's begum seems quite shy.



Bebo has always been open to the world about her link-ups and break-ups but this time when her would be mother-in-law declares officially the weding date for her and Saif, Kareena sounds too boggled.




Well, we all have been expecting bold Bebo to make some regards in the official confirmation by making an approving response to it. But Bebo looks to be in two minds when it comes to marrying her boy friend Saif.




So, we wonder,whats keeping Bebo susceptble about divulging her wedding details. Is it the fear of last-minute mind change or she possess two-minds about marrying Saif?

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