It is silly: Shah Rukh Khan on YRF-ADF tussle

6 years ago

Superstar Shah Rukh Khan finds the ongoing controversy regarding the number of screens alloted for the release of his film 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' and Ajay Devgn's 'Son of Sardar' "silly and strange" and insists that it is a free market and not "monopolistic".

Ajay Devgn Films Pvt Ltd (ADF) had moved the Competition Commission Of India (CCI) claiming that Yash Raj Films (YRF) was using its dominant position to ask exhibitors to dedicate more screens to its upcoming release 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan' than for his film 'Son of Sardar' on November 13.

"Instead of being disheartened, it is silly, it is not just right. I don't know how it gets resolved. Is someone going to tell me not to release my film on Friday," Shah Rukh told PTI.

"I don't understand it... I find it very strange rather than disheartening. What is the meaning of all this? The film is coming out, let's pray for each other's film. I think both the movies will do well," the actor added.

Ajay had said that he had filed the notice much before the demise of veteran filmmaker Yash Chopra (October 21) but the news came up only a few days after his death.

Shah Rukh feels it is amusing to talk about all this as it does not seem logical, considering that the makers of both the films are adamant on releasing their respective movies on the same date.

"What are we trying to show by all this... It is amusing. I don't understand the logic of all this," he said.

Ajay had claimed that YRF 'armtwisted' exhibitors to dedicate more screens to 'JTHJ', than his 'SoS', both which are up for release on November 13.

But Shah Rukh insists it depends on exhibitors which film to buy.

"I think the onus lies on the buyers. It is a free market, not controlled or monopolistic or even a restrained competitive market. Our logic is consumer is the king, they want to see the film. The exhibitors represent the consumers and they have decided to take our film in x amount of theatres," Shah Rukh said.

Khan also feels that if the makers of Ajay Devgn starrer 'Son of Sardar' had an issue with number of theatres then they could have released the film a week ago.

"My logic is if you are worried that you have less number of theatres then you should have booked it earlier. Because your business house has not done it and the other has done it why are you holding that against us, why is there an issue?" Shah Rukh said.

"If you have an option then you can come like this Friday, it is completely for you to choose. Either do it one week before or after but if you have decided to do it together then release it," he said.

Meanwhile, the Competition Commission has rejected the complaint from actor Ajay Devgn against Yash Raj Films for alleged abuse of dominant position in the Hindi film industry, saying that the plea does not have any merit. PTI

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