"It is very boring to play the good guy"

7 years ago

By Bedika

People loved to hate his avatar of a lecherous South Indian star in 'The Dirty Picture' but veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah says he had the time of his life playing the bad guy.


In his three and a half decade career, Shah, who is considered one of the finest actors in the country, has played a variety of roles but in recent years he has been taking up parts which will make others think twice.


"I love playing those (negative) characters. I don't like playing the good guy, it is very boring. My favourite roles are the ones that I did in Mirch Masala and Mohra. These are the characters which are up my ally and I thoroughly enjoyed them," Naseer told PTI.


"I had no doubts about the role in 'The Dirty Picture' and I knew what I required to do in this role. I suspect that it is the real me," he added.


The 61-year-old star's next outing is 'Chaalis Chaurasi', which will see him exploring his humorous side, which he feels has been slightly ignored in his career. Directed by Hriday Shetty, the film is about four cops with an ulterior motive and Shah plays one of them. The actor is seen doing a spoof of 'Ocean's Eleven' in the trailer of the movie, which hits theatres on January 13.


"I think another aspect of acting that I have not touched enough is comedy and I would really like to do more of it in the future. This film had a lot of scope for that genre. It had that 'Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro' kind of humour. The trailer was a spoof on 'Ocean's Eleven' and it was fun."


The actor, who rarely danced in his younger days, has been seen doing a lot of it in his new films. After rolling down the hill with Vidya Balan in 'The Dirty Picture', the actor will be seen shaking a leg in three songs of 'Chaalis Chaurasi'.


Shetty's earlier films 'Plan' and 'Pyaar Mein Twist' did not work well at the box office but that did not deter Shah from taking up the new project and the veteran finds himself lucky to be a favourite among young directors.


"I have always felt that a person's first film is often his best. Hriday has made films before but they did not work and he has learnt from these experiences. He is making a film which will appeal to the younger sensibilities because it is a fun film, exciting and at times a moving story."


But the actor says he has always preferred working with young directors right from the very beginning of his career. "It is not really new for me. I guess there are more youngsters making the kind of films which I am interested in.


Shyam (Benegal) was practically a first timer, so were Vinod Chopra, Kundan Shah and Saeed Mirza. It is not uncommon for me.


"I have been lucky to get a chance to explore diverse aspects of my own personality and I am glad that it is still continuing. Young directors are finding parts for me which are not larger than life and are twisted and about ordinary people." PTI

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