Item songs have become the face of films: RGV

7 years ago

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma feels that though the item songs are intended to boost overall entertainment value, they have now become the face of contemporary films.



"The technical definition of item songs is that they are supposed to be an item and to give hype and additional bonus to a film. But in today's times item song has become face of the film. But in 'Department' the item song comes according to the situation," Varma told PTI.



RGV is all praise for the Brazilian-Indian model Nathalia Kaur whose sensuous number 'Dan Dan' in 'Department' is fast becoming a rage. Howver, more than the song, the director seems more impressed with Nathalia's sizzling performance and is promoting her.



"Right now the promotion is going on because of the item song that is on air. The idea of promoting Nathalia is to promote the song. No film is eventually made without the purpose of promoting certain actor. It is the marketing team that decides how to promote the film and all," he said. 'Dan Dan' song is the first song that I am promoting after 'Khallas' and it is the second item song that I did. Like I said, item song has become face of the film. The promotion of the item number and that of Nathalia's go hand-in-han, he said.



The much-hyped number from 'Department' launching Nathalia is, however, not original. The song 'Dan Dan Dana Dan' has been based on 'Aasai Nooru Vagai', the song featuring Rajinikanth in 1983 film 'Adutha Varisu'. "The song was the biggest hit of all times for Ranjinikanth. I have been a huge fan of him and the song. It is almost 30 years that the song came up. So we all thought if we could do something with the song. I believe ideas never grow old; it is just the packaging and presentation that get updated with technology and times," the director said. PTI

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