It's all about trust: Vikram Bhatt on directing Bipasha

4 years ago

Mumbai: Bipasha Basu's career wasn't going great guns when Vikram Bhatt cast her for his new movie "Creature 3D". But the director, who has earlier worked with her on "Raaz", says it's all a matter of trust. Both celebrities are currently busy promoting "Creature 3D". Asked if he was sceptical about casting Bipasha due to her box office debacles, Bhatt said: "I don't think that way. Even after the debacle of (my directorial) 'Dangerous Ishhq', Bipasha agreed to work with me. So, it's all about trust. She had faith in the story." "She has done a fabulous job in the film," assured the director. Bhatt, who has made horror films in the past, says he had been wondering what to make next. That's when he thought about making "Creature 3D", which involves a creature inspired by Indian mythology. "It's a very unusual film. I hope such films get appreciated by the audience," he said. IANS

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