It's brave to make a film like 'Miss Lovely': Niharika Singh

5 years ago

Mumbai: Actress Niharika Singh, who will be seen in forthcoming film "Miss Lovely", set in the lower depths of Mumbai's C-grade film industry, says it's "brave" of director Ashim Ahluwalia to make such a movie. In fact, she herself was warned by her friends not to do the movie. "When Ashim makes a film, he does not make it to please the audience, or by thinking about the collection. If you're making such a film, it's a brave thing and to get a theatrical release (for 'Miss Lovely'), it's a victory in itself," said Niharika. The film revolves around the destructive relationship between two brothers, played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Anil George, who make sleazy, C-grade films in the 1980s in Mumbai. Niharika, who is yet to make a mark in Bollywood, says she was warned by her friends not do to 'Miss Lovely'. "'Miss lovely' is not porn or a C-grade film. My friends told me don't do this film as they felt I will not get work after that. But I did what I felt like. I feel non-Indians love it. But when my uncle and aunt watched it, they didn't like it," she said. She believes "either people will love it or they will hate this film", however, she says it would be wrong to look at the movie as a "regular Friday release". "It's made by an experimental filmmaker who has made documentaries earlier. He comes from an experimental school (of thought), so his vision for cinema is different," said the actress, who features alongside Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the movie. The movie releases Jan 17.


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