It's Controversial

5 years ago

By Miss Dhinchak   1.Mystery girl in Ranbir’s life ? Bollywood's 'Besharam' Ranbir Kapoor has taken this title quite literally. The 31-year-old actor was recently spotted with director-friend Ayan Mukherjee along with a mystery girl. Now, we wonder what Kat has to say to that?   2. Anushka –Virat set for new year celebration B-Town beauties get an instant liking for our Men in Blue. This time, the love bug has hit none other than record-holder batsman Virat Kohli and Bollywood hottie Anushka Sharma. The rumoured couple is expected to celebrate the New Year together in Mumbai. Keep the pace going guys! 3. Sona hooked on to Bunty? Our very own Bullet Rani seems to be in a crisis in her personal life. According to sources, the Rajjo darling of tinselville is dating Bunty Sachdeva, the celebrity manager who even looked after her work for some time. However, Sonakshi's mother Poonam Sinha is not very fond of Bunty and had earlier warned her dear daughter to stay away from the guy. Love comes with a price, Sona! 4) Sofia Hayat files complaint against Armaan Kohli Sofia Hayat and Armaan Kohli's cold war in the Bigg Boss house has reached another level all together after Sofia filed a police complaint against the latter. But Armaan has got Salman Khan's support who is trying to convince Sofia. Let's see whether Salman will be safeguard Armaan from this trouble.   5) Kangana, Shilpa's fashion faux pas B-Town beauties, Kangana Ranaut and Shilpa Shetty who are appreciated for their style statements, recently got it all wrong. Fashion star Kangana stepped out in a sheer outfit sans her undergarments without realising that her skin show went little over-the-top. Mrs Kundra too had to struggle with her outfit at an event. Shilpa's dress made her so concious that she was seen adjusting her attire all the time. 6) Salman's love for foreign beauties Actor Salman Khan it seems has some special inclination towards foreign beauties. Latest on the list is Bruna Abdullah, who was recently seen on a dance reality show. Salman is reportedly taking special care of Bruna and has even extended her role in brother Sohail Khan's Jai Ho! Now, it would be interesting how far Dabangg Khan goes to help Bruna in her career as he did to Katrina Kaif and Elle Avram in the past. 7) Rani Mukherji's weight woes! What's wrong with Rani? The actress was recently spotted hiding her flab in a lose yellow outfit at Dilip Kumar's 91st birthday party. Although, Rani has been asked to lose 12 kgs by her rumoured love interest Aditya Chopra, for his upcoming film Mardani, the actress doesn't seem to be taking note of it seriously. Indeed, she looked quite over-weight at the function. Hope Aditya is watching!

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