It's Controversial

4 years ago

By Miss Dhinchak 1) Katrina insecure of Priyanka, Deepika? Inspite of the success of 'Bang Bang' actress Katrina Kaif is reportedly insecure about her career. Sources say that Priyanka Chopra's power-packed performance in her last film, 'Mary Kom', has made Kat so insecure that she ignores PeeCee at events. Priyanka too has started doing the same with Kat. Infact gossipmongers say that Chikni Chameli keeps a close eye on rival Deepika Padukone's work too. Kat is apparently worried after watching Dippy's great work in her last film, 'Finding Fanny'. 2) This is how Honey Singh got injured on SLAM Recently there were reports that rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh, who was out with the cast of 'Happy New Year' on 'SLAM! The Tour', got injured during the tour and hence could not perform in few concerts. Now, according to Miss Dhinchak sources, the real reason behind Honey's injury was alcohol. Gossipmongers say that Honey was high on spirits and fell down, hurting his back and neck. Onlookers say that Yo Yo was so high that he totally out of control. 3) John's wife Priya high on attitude? It's not even an year since actor John Abraham tied the knot with investment banker Priya Runchal. According to reports, recently John wanted Priya to meet his football team, but when the actor introduced the team members to her, Priya did not even say hi to anyone, not did she shake hands. Industry insiders say while John is appreciated for his humble behaviour, his wife's attitude is not being liked at all. 4) Arjun Rampal shows unprofessional attitude on sets? Actor Arjun Rampal is reportedly throwing starry tantrums on the sets of his upcoming film, 'Roy'. Sources say that the actor's unprofessional attitude is not going down well with anyone on the sets. The actor apparently keeps talking on the phone the whole day and he is so engrossed in his sweet conversations with someone unknown that he even forgets about his shot. Wonder who is that someone? 5) Arya Babbar opens up about step-brother Prateik Arya Babbar, who is currently inside the 'Bigg Boss 8' house, has spilled the beans about his family on the TV show. Arya opened up to fellow contestant Karishma Tanna about his step-brother Prateik. The actor reportedly said that Prateik is just like his friend, however he made it clear that because of him, his mother, Nadira Babbar, had to undergo a lot of pain and there was a lot of tension in the family too. Prateik has reportedly never spoken with his step-mother and doesn't even use his father, Raj Babbar's surname. 6) Has Katrina undergone a surgery? After Aushka Sharma, it seems Bollywood diva Katrina Kaif is the latest celebrity to go under the knife to retain her number No.1 position in Bollywood. As per sources Kat is sporting a fuller look on her face in her latest film, 'Bang Bang', which has sparked controversy that Chikni Chameli got surgery done for the same. (Don't forget to watch ‘It’s Controversial’ on E24 at 7 pm and repeat at 11 am)

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